SERVICE - for customers

talksmall is a full-service agency, offering guidance during the entire working process, from the initial search for the perfect voice to the final booking. We advise individually, select voices from our diverse database and customize price packages. For particular briefings, we like to offer a specified casting-call, in order to find speakers with exotic accents, rare dialects and languages, as well as extraordinary voices. Additionally, our database encompasses a huge selection of native speakers from different countries. Naturally, we also take care of the logistics and the accounting of each project. In order to explore the full potential of our speakers, make new and creative suggestions and always offer the highest quality, we provide our speakers with regular coaching sessions.

SERVICE - for speakers

We are always searching for new voices, and we look forward to hearing from you! It doesn't matter whether you are a professional, or a newbie-we want anyone who has something to say, and all are welcome to take part in our auditions!
All of our speakers can enjoy our full service:
We arrange bookings throughout the entire industry, we negotiate fees and salaries, we teach you necessary techniques, lead all logistical handling and deal with accounting.

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